My top three accounting software picks

Quite a few years ago, I started my own business. If I had high-tech accounting solutions back then, I would have paved my way into the business world much too sooner and in a much smoother manner because I wouldn’t have bothered my accountant that much. It was hard work back then, creating solid and correct financial reports. Today, it is considerably easier to go through the tedious aspects of business when you have a suitable accounting software solution.

When choosing an appropriate accounting software solution, you must bear in mind that it is an important decision. The purpose of accounting software is to track and monitor your financial records and information. Furthermore, it tracks invoices, collected taxes, and sales.  The accounting software provides your accountant with the appropriate data while running useful reports.


Here are my accountant’s top three choices for the most useful and the most reliable accounting software companies.

freshbooks-invoice-screenshotFreshBooks is accounting software that is the easiest to use while being the most compatible with other applications used in business. The interface is easy to navigate and it is best suited for businesses that deal with providing services, such as consulting, because the tools for tracking inventory are rather limited in amount. There is a useful opportunity for clients to pay directly from the invoices provided by FreshBook when using a credit card. There are four plans offered by the company that all include unlimited time tracking, invoicing and expenses.

Sage One is recommended for small and medium businesses. However, because of its simplicity, it can be also quite useful for people that screenshot-payroll-summary-pagework according to part-time contracts and also freelancers. The company that produces the software has a long tradition of over 30 years. Perhaps, due to this, the number of countries in which this software is being used is growing each year, counting up to 24 countries at the moment. As for Sage Accounting, it is a reliable software solution for different types of businesses, no matter the size of your business. Nevertheless, it may be a good solution for you if you are planning to grow your company. Apart from these software products, there are numerous other types or versions of them offered by this company, which are suitable for different businesses and the ones that are planning to expand internationally.

QuickBooks is the most widely used and the most popular among accountants worldwide. Over 130,000 accountants use this software in their daily business while managing the books and taxes of their clients. It is very useful because it is always supporting users (business owners) to interact with each other and helping them to make the most of the software. The company offers an online version of the product that has been greatly enhanced in the recent years. Moreover, it is rather simple to use, and they also offer TurboTax and Mint, the first software is for tax managing and the other for financial managing.


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